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Attorney at Law, Raita Tiltiņa office offers a wide range of legal and accounting services for everyone. Office offers a full service company servicing from the foundation, the necessary daily services, including accounting services, and finally to the insolvency and liquidation. Office specializes in transactions, litigation, tax law, administrative proceedings, civil procedure, labor law, real estate law and sports law and regulation. Office customers to offer the following core services, but not limited to:
1. Commercial Law Issues - Company Formation, everyday problem solving, business management and operational issues, business restructuring, mergers, bankruptcy and liquidation process;

2. All kinds of transactions (the contract) preparation, service and formalities on behalf of the customer;

3. representation in legal proceedings, civil, criminal, administrative proceedings and arbitration proceedings and litigation document preparation.

4. representation in all types of out-of-process, state and municipal institutions and other commercial entities;

5. All kinds of tax problem resolution, declaration, annual report and other document preparation and representation of the SRS;

6.Debt collection, work with debtors and bailiffs;

7.Real estate transaction services;

8.The legal problem solving and representation;

9.administrative law and administrative offense problems.

10.Public Procurement documentation preparation, consultation and representation;

11. Accounting Services.

12.Sports legal problem solving, athlete representation, consultation and document preparation.

, Attorney at Law Raita Tiltiņa office price list *


Type of the service

Attorney at Law





50 EUR/h

40 EUR/h

20 EUR/h / 25 EUR/h


the Treaty, the client notice, legislation, forms, etc. preparation of documents

40 EUR/h

40 EUR/h



representation at the court proceedings

120 EUR/h

100 EUR/h



Representation institutions and non-judicial processes

120 EUR/h

90 EUR/h



preparation of Litigation documentation

60 EUR/h

50 EUR/h






25 EUR/h / 30 EUR/h

*Prices are for informational purposes and are tailored to each client's capabilities, scale and complexity of the service. Customers who are interested in long-term co-operation (with contract for services at least 1 year) or offered a large amount of work, the prices shown are suitable for individual significant discount up to 40%. Service prices do not include taxes, fees, transportation expenses and other additional costs that may arise in connection with the proceedings before the client.
Attorney at Law, Raita Tiltiņa Office offers businesses service and maintenance contract with a fixed minimum monthly fee starting from 200 EUR (type of service chosen by the client). With such an agreement, the company will guarantee the chosen legal or accounting services and prompt delivery company servicing the outside usual office hours.